Dear All
Thank you very much for visiting our shop. Our shop is simple, not gorgeous. You will not find complicated and splendid graphic design here. It is because we are not an expert on web design but if you want to add specials to your limbs (hand and foot), you come into the right place where provide an unique and exquisite Boots and Gloves. Our Boots and Gloves look great with any outfit and they are prefect for different occasions e.g. Fashion shows, Dancing on stages, into scenes………. 
The most important we can provide the following options for you:

1. Buy it now -- If you find, the product in stock suit to your need and size, you can buy it immediately and we send it to you as soon as possible.

2. Made to Measure-- All our products can be made to measure.   You are no need to worry about the items can fit you or not.  Just provide us your accurate measurements, you will get the best fitting along your contours of your limbs at affordable price.   Please feel free to write to us.

3. Custom Made-- You can send us your designs or make alternations to our existing products to suit your need.  Please write to us.




For any inquiries, please contact me at allan@imakebootsngloves.com